Cal ref
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Vital statistics
Name Calamity
Alias Cal
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Zombie
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Milky White
Height 5'2"
Weight 100 Ilbs.
Blood Type Dead
Family Deceased
Birthday June 14th, 1998
Astrological Sign Gemini
Occupation Volunteer
Hometown ???, Louisiana

Calamity is the Keyholder of Bad End World.

About Calamity (Key)

Calamity is rather unstable mod. He can be quick to anger and can see things in a rather black and white manner. There are other times where he can seem completely apathetic to a situation, or maybe just mildly annoyed.

Though, he does have experience with moderating memos. He has been a long time mod of ###Hello_Troll, around four years as of April of 2017. If you feel he has misjudged your actions or taken things the wrong way, please consult the other mods about it and show your logs for proof.

About Calamity (Character)

Calamity is rather strange, but volunteers at the hospital of the nightmare-scape. His personality can vary just as much as his player can be, as Calamity is pretty much a self-insert.

He was put into the Bad End World after a vicious zombie attack that destroyed most of his body. He was patched up by one of the nurses there. He was rather calm once he learned of what happened, despite how horribly he died and his memories of the event are quite clear. If you ask him about it, you are sure to get a strange look in return, but no actual response. Seems he doesn't like to talk about it.

He very much enjoys helping the people who have died, in both helping and healing them, but as well as comforting them and helping them come to terms with their death. He is, in a sense, a doctor and mortician. He lovingly takes care of the dead, making sure they are comfortable at least. When the others decide to go to the graveyard, he helps the people there. He respects them and leaves them gifts, often helping them when needed to be put to rest for as long as they want.